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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ron and Some Big News!

I guess it is my turn. About 5 years ago Carl Carlson and I ran off together to start our new life with our adopted Haitian love servant Sergio. We have been blessed with many happy years. I was going to attach my picture of our family in Italy but Carl was detained and searched for illegal paraphernalia and they confiscated our camera.


Sorry, didn't mean to freak everyone out---Living in Jacksonville working with Comcast with their advertising products and emerging technology. Yes, it is Comcastic.

I have been married to my wife Christine (Interesting enough, if you receive a call from me it will show up on your caller ID as Christ Rothberg...kind of weird, huh?) for 8 years and we have a son and daughter who are about to turn 7 and 5 this month. We love Jacksonville and I am sorry that I will not be able to attend this weekend--sounds like fun. Gordie promised he would take pictures.

Regards to everyone! Ron


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