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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pruitt Campbell Family Update

Here it goes for my family:

We are currently enjoying life in Northern Virginia, about 45 miles west of DC.

Jack and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary this November. We will be taking our son, Riley (3), to the location we were married in the Virgin Islands this November to celebrate! He is quite excited.

I cannot believe Riley is getting so big. He enjoys trains, trucks, books, "Dino-Nuggets" and his Friday nights which is always Movie Night here! He goes to Preschool and really enjoys it.

I still work at Postal Service Headquarters and oversee Intra-Alaska Air Transportation Policy (with regard to mail, of course). I have been in this position for approx a year and it is quite different - I deal with political (Capitol Hill), legal, inter-agency (gov), and postal issues. Yes, I have been to AK a few times and most of what I have seen is unique, if not beautiful. I have been to the most northern point (Barrow AK) and the most southern point (Key West FL) in the US in my lifetime. Kinda cool, I guess!

My older brother, Randy, is still in Casselberry and doing fine - his son Steven is 20 or so and Molly is 13. My younger brother Lance is also still in the area, his kids are Crystal (the cheerleader), 13, and Brianna, 5, and they are all well also. My parents are still in the same house and overall are doing well also.

Take care!


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