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Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 2009

Hello Fellow 1981 Alumni and Happy New Year!

Please leave your comment here to let us all know how you are and what you are up to these days!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The 'WHY NOT" Reunion - Class of 1981

From Joe McGinley:

We are going to have a simple but fun reunion, WHY NOT?

When: July 18th - 20th.
Come for the day or the weekend, it's up to you, just come.

Where: Holiday Inn - New Smyrna Beach. For those of use who don't have a place there.

Who: Anybody you can contact from LHHS. Please look over the email list. It's a couple years old so some may have changed. If you know that someone's has changed please forward this email on.

What: No rules, no suits, no plans, no shoes, just some fun with old friends

Why: WHY NOT?? We're not getting any younger and waiting 5 - 10 years to do this didn't seem to make any sense.

I hope this gives everyone enough time to make plans, diet and work-out. :-) Don't worry about it, most of us have gained a few (Andy Ford and Pete Krzyzak excluded - bastards).

That's it folks. Hope you can come.


New Alumni Site for LHHS!

Check it out and get registered!

This link was provided on the LHHS school website!


Photos to Share for Reunion

Hi all,

Tina here. Please send me any updated photos and tidbits if you would like to see them posted on the blog. Thanks - you can send anything you would like posted to (which is my "forever" email, though not my primary).

Peace and hugs,

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Lake Howell High - Aerial View!


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The "Unofficial" 25 Year Class Reunion!

Let's have some fun!

Lookin' Good!!

Good times!

Love it!

Raymond L.Gaines Pressbox Dedication

August 18, 2006
Lake Howell High School
Richard L. Evans Field (Anyone Know?)

Very Cool - check out the Homecoming pictures on the LHHS website where you can see a picture of the press box. I could not copy the photo as it is protected - sorry!

Alumni Contact Information

Okay, here is the deal. There is a place on the LHHS website to post your name, year of graduation, email, and blah, blah, blah information and you need to participate in it (now). The alumni list for the year 1981 is just pitiful with only 4 names listed. Pitiful. Of course, I just sent in my information tonight so I am also included in that pitiful category as well, so please don't take that as an insult - I am right there with almost 100% of you (can someone do the numbers for me please?). But, then again, who knew there was actually a Lake Howell website? Well, not I! That is until our wonderful girlfriends in FL put together this awesome idea to bring as many people together as they could find for our true 25 year (unofficial) reunion at Homecoming time in the year 2006. How awesome are they? I love those girls. Thanks for a fabulous thought and for putting it all together (Golf clap, please - and I really mean that).

Well, with that in mind let's review the enormity of the task of trying to pull together a 30 year reunion...... Hmmmmm, too much for most to even think about, much less try to do, don't you think? So, let's be kind to our wonderful fellow classmates and post our contact information - AND KEEP IT CURRENT - so everyone can enjoy our Homecoming reunion in 2011 and so we all have the same opportunity to "discuss" the changes everyone has, isn't that a nice way to put it?

So here is what you need to do either 1) go to the following link, which is on the LHHS site:
and click on "click here to be added to directory"
you will get the same result if you email this address:
with your Year of Graduation, First and Last Name at Graduation, Current First and Last Name if different, Email Address, a Comment or Message to be Posted.

So, summing up, let's all take a moment to do this okay? With this nifty resource available for centralized contact information nobody will have to endure the (possible) whining from people about not being notified in a timely manner (was that me?), and all the other "blah, blah, blah" that occurs when there is one of these really wonderul and fun events. Think about it - these are the good times that you don't get an opportunity to re-do. So, just do it so we can all get together and have a ball and "discuss" in 2011.

Cheers to all! And I mean the ones that clink! ;)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ron and Some Big News!

I guess it is my turn. About 5 years ago Carl Carlson and I ran off together to start our new life with our adopted Haitian love servant Sergio. We have been blessed with many happy years. I was going to attach my picture of our family in Italy but Carl was detained and searched for illegal paraphernalia and they confiscated our camera.


Sorry, didn't mean to freak everyone out---Living in Jacksonville working with Comcast with their advertising products and emerging technology. Yes, it is Comcastic.

I have been married to my wife Christine (Interesting enough, if you receive a call from me it will show up on your caller ID as Christ Rothberg...kind of weird, huh?) for 8 years and we have a son and daughter who are about to turn 7 and 5 this month. We love Jacksonville and I am sorry that I will not be able to attend this weekend--sounds like fun. Gordie promised he would take pictures.

Regards to everyone! Ron

Chuck and Family

Family Update:
Julie and I are still happily married and enjoying this season of parenting or kids.
Julie works for our Church as the Community Life director.
I am still following in my dads footsteps and working for Young Life. I love my job and the best part these days is running the club for Chad and all his friends.
Chad is 12, and in 7th grade. He loves football, girls and guitar. He has long hair and when I told him he had to cut it my mom gave him a picture of me from my Tuscawilla Middle school days that showed my hair over my shoulders. Yes, we are getting paid back for all of our ill advised decisions from our youth.
Caleb is 10 and in the 5th grade. He lives for football, basketball and baseball. His wardrobe consist of three pair of red gym shorts and five sleeveless Under Armour shirts.
Jenna is 8 and in the third grade. She is my beautiful little princess. Though she is surrounded by balls of every kind she is much more into dolls of every kind. She has taken up fast pitch softball this year because she wanted to get a pink helmet like her cousin.
We are living in Suwanee, GA. My sisters Christy and Holly live in our neighborhood and we are enjoying raising all of our kids (9) together. My mom and dad bought a town house up here so they come and visit for a week each month. They are still in the same house in Maitland if anyone wants to stop by and say hello.

Bernie and Family!

Our family update:

Happily married to my wife Deirdre for 8 years this month. We have been blessed with two very happy and healthy children: a daughter Reagan who is 4 1/2 and a son Christian, 3 1/2. (pics attached). It is really cool that they are at the age where they can entertain each other. They are both enjoying new friends and activities at pre-school.

I have a manufacturer's rep business in the construction industry that has been extremely busy with the past two year's hurricanes. Hopefully we are done with them for a couple years.

We live in Boca Raton (is anyone left in Orlando?) and really enjoy it. We are a mile and a half from the beach and go there about 1/10th of the time that I did when I lived 50 miles away.

Capo, thanks for coming clean on the reading glasses--I had to do the same recently. Hard to believe it has been 25 years...

Would love to have been there this weekend--if anyone takes digital pics I'd love to see them on an email.

Be well.

Bernie Abrami
BA Building Solutions, Inc.
  • Pruitt Campbell Family Update

    Here it goes for my family:

    We are currently enjoying life in Northern Virginia, about 45 miles west of DC.

    Jack and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary this November. We will be taking our son, Riley (3), to the location we were married in the Virgin Islands this November to celebrate! He is quite excited.

    I cannot believe Riley is getting so big. He enjoys trains, trucks, books, "Dino-Nuggets" and his Friday nights which is always Movie Night here! He goes to Preschool and really enjoys it.

    I still work at Postal Service Headquarters and oversee Intra-Alaska Air Transportation Policy (with regard to mail, of course). I have been in this position for approx a year and it is quite different - I deal with political (Capitol Hill), legal, inter-agency (gov), and postal issues. Yes, I have been to AK a few times and most of what I have seen is unique, if not beautiful. I have been to the most northern point (Barrow AK) and the most southern point (Key West FL) in the US in my lifetime. Kinda cool, I guess!

    My older brother, Randy, is still in Casselberry and doing fine - his son Steven is 20 or so and Molly is 13. My younger brother Lance is also still in the area, his kids are Crystal (the cheerleader), 13, and Brianna, 5, and they are all well also. My parents are still in the same house and overall are doing well also.

    Take care!

    The Capobianco Family Update!

    To All: Chuck, it's hard to top a family that can topple the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I too will not be able to get there but hoist something cold in my honor. Here's the rundown on Capo Inc.

    I now live outside of Cincinnati, OH (moved here a little over a year ago). This witness protection program crap is getting a little old as Barbara andI have now moved 7 or 8 times in 20 years. I would like to be from somewhere, preferably warmer. I work for a specialty personal lines insurance company as the Director of Sales.

    Family is great. Barbara has put up with our relocations and still want to hang out with me. She is all of the things that I was not which now makes me whole. I married well! Bobby is turning 16 next month and is almost6'8" tall and 230 lbs. He is a basketball player, taking his athletictalents from his mother. He is already drawing interest from college teams. I will take him up to Notre Dame this weekend for a visit. Chrissie is 12 and about 5'11" and is a volleyball player and sings anddances. Thank God she has not yet fallen for boys but the shot gun purchase is getting closer. They are great kids and I feel very blessed. I am very comfortable where I am at 43. How could we be that old??? On the down side, my joints are starting to ache and I had to buy reading glasses a few months ago. Evidently my warranty has begun to run out. I have great memories of our years together at Lake Howell and look forward to seeing you soon. Have fun this weekend and write if you get the chance.

    Take care.

    20 Year Reunion Tidbits - 2001

    These were taken at the 2001 Reunion in Altamonte Springs.